Save on ups, FedEx, & DHL Automatically

Virtually every shipping invoice contains a billing mistake, service delivery failure, and erroneous charge.  Each shipping carrier's sloppy processing results in inaccurate billing and overcharging you as the customer. Through auditing your bills, you are able to find these mistakes and fix them.


You're entitled to a shipping refund

Per your shipping provider's contract, you're entitled to get a refund for these overcharges. This often leads to a 100% refund on your shipment. However, your carrier places the burden on you to file each claim. 

Fortunately, Shrinkabill has simplified this process. We have sophisticated technology that runs a comprehensive inspection on every minute charge that hits your account. We quickly identify each error and automatically file a claim for the maximum refund on your behalf. 


We Hold Your Shipping Carrier Accountable

Effortlessly Save on Delivery Fees

Once you are finished with the 1 minute sign up process, there is no additional work for you or your team. No changes are required with your shipping carrier. The process is seamless and starts running on autopilot for you. 

Performance Based Pricing

There is no contract, no sign up fees, maintenance fees, or hidden costs.  You only share 45% of the savings with us AFTER your carrier's refund has been issued.  This is the same great low cost fee of our bill negotiation service


Take control of Your Shipping & Delivery

Detailed Reports

Advanced Shipping Audit & Manifest Tracking 

Generate 15+ different reports to gain valuable insight into your shipping activities & costs. Monitor carrier performance, analyze customer segments, review your shipping activity, and more. Download, export, or schedule reports at your convenience. 

Our state of the art system provides real time data on all of your shipments. The system is mobile responsive and protected by bank-grade security. Claims are filed within minutes of an error hitting your account to get you the fastest refund possible.


* Please note that USPS does not participate in this program.

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