They were successful with lowering my bills. It’s such a great experience to be able to give them the required info and sit back and see what is possible. Their employees are very friendly and easy to work with.
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Shrink A Bill did a great job. Savings were well worth the little effort on my part. Thank you Jordan and Jennifer! Wishing you continued success.
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Shrink A Bill is a wonderful service and so easy. I simply gave my bill information and then started saving money. I recommend this service to anyone that wants to save money without having to reduce or change what you are receiving from the companies.
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My experience was Shrinkabill was VERY positive, in terms of them being professional, responsive, executing on their promise, promptness, and clarity. I will CERTAINLY engage with them again.
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I saved money on my monthly Uverse bill by having Shrinkabill negotiate with AT&T on my behalf! They can probably help my friends too!
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Thought this was a gimmick but it really works. They were able to get me credits to my Sprint account as well as my Xfinity account. Total savings together was over $500. I don’t post often so trust me, this one is worth it!
— Leslie Joseph

I was skeptical they could come up with very much savings, and I was amazed at what they did. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a pretty serious negotiator, and I always research the best deals available. Jennifer was wonderful to deal with, and explained everything very thoroughly. This was definitely worth it.
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