- Why pay you when I can do it myself?

There is no one telling you that you can’t negotiate your own bills, but the question is, are you currently doing it? Bill negotiation isn't a new concept, yet most people don't regularly participate in the practice and would be better off using Shrinkabill's service. We have a 95% success rate and can lower bills by up to 35%. Our professional negotiators are trained to do one thing: lower your bills. Simply put, our experience will usually net you more.

Below you will find some additional points that you may not have considered:

1. Most people that negotiate a bill once will not renegotiate savings when the discount expires. Even the rare ones that do, often have large lapses between discount periods. Shrinkabill's consistently earned savings will typically be more significant than what an individual will earn, even after you factor in our fee.

2. DIY negotiators often don't earn the same quality savings that we can. Your bill provider spends all day on the phone dealing with these types of negotiations and they know how to end the call with keeping your rate as high as possible. This is a game where information is key, and we have all of the relevant information needed to win in the negotiations. We have perfected the negotiation tactics to earn the best rates.

3. The process is time-consuming and frustrating. Why subject yourself to this hassle when you can have your savings on autopilot and still earn more savings? The choice is simple. (Click here to sign up!)

- How does it work?

Submit your bills and answer some basic questions, then one of our Savings Officers will call your service providers on your behalf and shrink your bills. A small percentage of providers may require you to authorize us on an account, but this doesn't take more than a minute of your time. We take care of all of the heavy lifting.

- Are you affiliated with my service provider?

NO. We are not affiliated with ANY service provider. Our allegiance is to you, and only you.

- What type of bills do you negotiate?

We negotiate most bills that your business or household faces, except for government regulated utility services like energy, water, and sewer bills. Don't worry if your bill is still under contract. We can still call and negotiate.

We don't currently negotiate insurance, debt, or charges resulting from delinquent payments.

- What will you change with my provider?

You are in charge! We won't change anything without your permission. Our goal is lower your rate without changing your service, or to improve your services while still securing a discount.

- How long does it take?

We like to finish all bill negotiations as quickly as possible. Typically, the entire process should be completed within one billing cycle.

- How much should I expect to save?

When we shrink your bills, you can expect to see savings up to about 35% off your monthly expenses. The more we negotiate for you, the more you can expect to save.

- How much does it cost?

Shrinkabill's fee is directly correlated with the amount of savings that we provide each customer. We go to work on your bills at no cost. After we save you money, we split the savings. You share 45% of the savings with us and you keep 55% of the savings. With Shrinkabill, you'll always have more money at the end of the month than you did before you used our service!

- Is My Information Secure?

We are obsessed with security, so you do not have to be. Just to show you how serious we are, here is a rundown of the steps we’ve taken:

Hiring: Our security starts with our employees. We only hire individuals who have been properly screened and have passed extensive background checks. Furthermore, we require all employees to complete our security training to ensure your information is properly handled at all times.

Billing: All of our billing is conducted through Stripe Payment systems, which is one of the most reputable payment systems in the industry. We do not have access to your payment instructions since that information is always kept secure and confidential within Stripe.

Network Security Encryption: All information sent and received on our website is encrypted to prevent any prying eyes from trying to access the information. Furthermore, we have carefully handpicked vendors that have excellent reputations and take security seriously.

Accessing Personal Data: We have employed two-step logins in order to prevent any hackers from being able to impersonate an employee. This two-step login process leverages the combination of a traditional personal password in addition to a time sensitive password that changes every 30 seconds.

The Bottom Line: Our reputation is on the line with the topic of security. Therefore, we do everything possible to ensure your information stays secure with us.

- How Do I Pay?

Shrinkabill will send you a bill after negotiations are completed. Once negotiated, savings can not be refused. We will not make changes to your services, only your price. Savings are communicated post negotiation, and are automatically applied to your account.

- Will Shrinkabill ever spam me?

Plain and simple – spammers are jerks and we're not jerks. You have nothing to worry about. We won't share your personal information with others!

- My commute to work is too long. Can you help?

Although Shrinkabill is a team of professional “shrinkers”, our magical powers are currently limited to shrinking billing rates and improving service terms. We have not yet figured out how to leverage our powers to other areas of life like shrinking your commute to work. Sorry!

Have additional questions?  

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