On January 18th, 2017, Charter Communications officially acquired Time Warner Cable. At least that’s what the news has been saying. But when you look at your modem, you still see Time Warner’s familiar eye shaped logo. Are you a Charter customer now? Who exactly will be providing your internet and cable services and how will that affect you? We’ve compiled a list of things that you, a Time Warner Cable customer, can expect with the recent Charter merger.

No Service Disruption

Let’s start here, as you’re probably concerned about losing cable or internet service during this transition period. Charter Communications promises TWC customers that there will be no disruption in service. They’ve been rolling out changes gradually since January in an 18-month plan to transition customers nationwide. That means if you haven’t seen new cable vans rolling into your neighborhood and rebranding your service, you will soon.

In the meantime, Charter is allowing TWC customers to continue enjoying their Time Warner Cable packages. In fact, TWC customers don’t need to worry about any new packages or prices until their existing package contracts expire.

New Name

When Charter does come around to your neighborhood, you won’t be seeing “Charter” written on the vans. Although Charter Communications is the overarching company that purchased TWC, the cable and internet service is called Spectrum (sometimes Charter Spectrum).

New Packages

When your current service expires, Charter will invite you to choose from a new set of Spectrum cable and internet packages. Charter keeps it simple, offering only three package choices to most areas. Charter asserts that too many options lead to too much confusion and, as spokesperson Mike Pedelty puts it, “frankenbundles.” They believe that simplicity is the key to having a hassle-free Charter internet and cable experience.

New Prices

Charter claims that TWC customers will get more affordable cable and internet through their Spectrum service than they did with Time Warner Cable. TWC customers have historically complained of high cable bills, so this news should come as a relief. However, the first few months of the rollout suggest otherwise.

Charter lost approximately 100,000 customers in Connecticut in the first fiscal quarter of 2017. This drop is credited to customers who received a Charter cable bill that was notably higher than their TWC bills. Charter claims that these customers were enjoying extremely low introductory service rates through TWC, but that such rates were unsustainable. They suggest that had those contracts run out when they were still under Time Warner Cable, the bills would have risen just the same.

New Customer Service

This should come as particularly good news to those tired of the poorly regarded Time Warner customer service. Charter has been downsizing its overseas call centers since 2012, adding about 7,000 new jobs to its customer service team. It plans to continue this trend under the brand Spectrum, determined to provide quality service to all of its welcome new customers.

Faster Internet

Finally, Charter promises internet speeds starting at 60 megabits per second and going up to 100 mbps. They claim speeds will be higher and more consistent than those of Time Warner Cable. Learn more about what fast internet speeds mean to you and what Spectrum has to offer.

Will your internet be faster, cheaper, and easier to manage? Charter Communications promises that it will be. Whether you believe that or not, it sounds like a strong and reliable service is coming to your door. And hey, sometimes change is good.