This is a double win: when you reduce your carbon footprint, you reduce your utility bill.  We’ve compiled a list of ways to save on energy around the house.  While you are helping the planet, you can lower your household bills! 

Save energy in the kitchen:

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  With these easy tips, you can spend less on your energy bill:

Let your leftovers cool down before storing. If you put hot food in the fridge, you heat up the space and the fridge has to work harder to maintain the cool temperature.  Stock the freezer: it will run more efficiently.  When it is full of frozen items, it is keeping itself cold.

Grill!  A charcoal or propane grill cuts down on your utility usage. Simultaneously, less heat is being created inside, your cooling unit won’t have to compensate.

Smaller kitchen appliances use less energy: use a toaster oven or microwave instead of the stove whenever possible.

Efficient lighting lowers electricity bill:

Do not place lamps near a thermostat, the incandescent heat will cause a misread in temperature during summer months- your air conditioner will run unnecessarily to compensate. 

Dimmers, timers and motion detectors on indoor and outdoor lighting will save you energy and money. 

Maximize your heating/cooling performance:

Heating and cooling your home is expensive!  More than half of your utility payments are generated by your heating and cooling system.  

Change air filters: the unit has to work harder to push through a dirty filter.  

Don’t block vents with furniture or area rugs.  No reason to keep the bottom of your sofa extremely warm or cold! 

Adjusting your thermostat by a degree or two will impact your bill.  In the summer, 78 degrees or higher is the most efficient temperature.  Use fans to feel cooler at a higher temp.  Turn off the fan when you leave!  Fans help a body feel cooler by creating a nice breeze, without decreasing the temperature of the room. 

Plant outside, save energy inside:

Planting trees in the right location on your property can reduce energy usage by up to 30%. 

Plant deciduous trees on the east and western side of your home.   In the summer when these trees are full they will provide shade to your home.  Conversely, in the winter when the branches are bare, sunlight will shine through to help keep it warm.

Plant shrubs or shade trees around your cooling unit, maintain foliage so that the airflow is not hindered.  Unit will run easier when it is not baking in direct sun.

Reducing your monthly expenses is easy with these energy saving tips!   If you have a high electric bill, taken inventory of your home and your habits.  With a few adjustments, you can help the planet and lower your household bills. Want to see more savings?  Let Shrinkabill  negotiate to lower your rates on other monthly expenses!