Holidays should be full of merriment and glee.  If you’re facing a financial strain, the most wonderful time of the year can be scarier than Halloween!  Summer is just wrapping up, but the holidays will arrive before you know it.  If you start making adjustments early, you can be ready for the imminent celebratory splurges.  

It only takes $33 saved each week and you’ll have an extra $500 saved by the time Santa Clause makes his annual jaunt.

Jump start your Christmas savings!

If you put aside $33 each week for the next 15 weeks, you’ll have $500 built up by mid-December.  It may take some modifications to your current spending.  If you cut back on how often you buy your lunch or specialty coffee, or maybe watch a movie at home rather than in the theater this weekend you can set aside for the future.  Small adjustments can make room for comfortable spending this December while keeping you out of debt.

Whether you spend the full $500 on gifts is up to you.  Beyond presents, winter spending always increases: the big turkey, a new dress to wear to the office party, the tallest Christmas tree on the lot, which needs extra lights!  With preparation, you can afford the fanciest tidings.  As the holiday season approaches, check back for more money saving tips for a frugal spending season!