Boost Your Savings with Tricks From Real Professional Negotiators

You're almost certainly overpaying your monthly bills. 

Many frugal individuals know they can call the retention department and threaten to cancel service in order to negotiate better rates. After an hour-long conversation, they earn a total saving of $214 on average per bill. It’s better than not doing it at all, but we know there is more that can be done.  

At Shrinkabill, we professionally negotiate people’s bills in exchange for a fraction of the savings.  We have broken down the negotiation process into a science and earn $303 on average per bill.

In this article, we will teach you some of our top insider negotiation secrets that you will not find anywhere else on the web to help you obtain the best rates. So let’s jump in so you can start saving money!


Understanding the "Enemy"

All retention agents have been trained on how to negotiate, and they spend forty hours a week putting their training into practice. 

Do not take any retention agent at their word, and prepare yourself for a battle if you do not want to leave money on the table.

Every discount they provide is reviewed and analyzed by management and factored into performance reviews. More importantly, these agents are paid commissions for not handing out discounts. 


Go into the Bill Negotiation With a Game Plan

Retention agents use proven negotiation tactics in conjunction with a well-practiced plan.

The best way at beating them in their own game is to enter the negotiation armed with your own set of strategies. Your game plan should have well thought out points on how to ask for savings in several different ways. 

Typically, the conversation will not go as planned, so building flexibility into your plan helps yield greater results.

Shrinkabill has broken the negotiation process down into 13 generic stages which ensures all potential savings get uncovered. 



Start with Your Hardest Negotiation First

You can give yourself a leg up with starting with a bill that you have little to lose.  This gives you more room to try different tactics and learn from mistakes.

Shrinkabill’s team is full of negotiation experts, but none of us started there. Even with all of Shrinkabill’s professional resources, it takes each team member weeks of negotiations before he or she starts consistently achieving peak savings.

Each of our negotiators must invest the time to develop their own voice, personal style, and master the techniques to achieve the delicate balance of making an agent to like you while remaining firm in your stance to get the best discounts.


Don't Accept the Discount From the First Negotiation

There is a strong possibility that you will not achieve top savings in the first negotiation.

Most companies only allow each agent to give a certain number of the best discounts out each day.  This keeps a company's agents in check. If you accept the first discount, you will most likely end up accepting a smaller discount. 


Never Accept a Discount Until You're Ready to Stop Negotiating

If you accept a savings to secure the discount, but then try to call back and negotiate further with a separate agent, you will have lost all your leverage and negotiation power. Therefore, NEVER accept a savings unless you are fully satisfied with the results and you are ready to quit negotiating.


Use Time, it is on Your Side

Just like any other call center, many companies measure their retention agents on how fast they can get through calls. If you drag the conversation on, you are hurting their call volume/call metrics, and they will be more willing to give up discounts they were holding out on. 


Call Back to Confirm Your Savings Were Properly Applied

The harder you push in a negotiation, the higher the chance are that the discounts will not get properly applied to your account. Therefore, you always, always, always want to call back, after the negotiation is finished to confirm that the savings was properly applied to the account.

It is substantially easier to get negotiated discounts properly applied to the account five minutes after the negotiation ended, rather than a month down the road after you have discovered the error on your statement.


Save Maximum Money With Minimum Hassle

If you do not have the time, do not like confrontation, or would simply rather delegate the matter, you can have your bills professionally negotiated. 

Shrinkabill's average savings is over $300.  We have a risk-free, straightforward, performance driven fee: we charge of 1/3 of the savings earned. If we do not save you money there is no cost.