Sometimes your cable and internet company just isn’t working for you. Maybe they keep adding fees to your monthly bills. Maybe their program offerings keep changing in your package. Maybe their equipment just isn’t working, and you’re tired of having technicians come to your home to fail to fix the issues. Whatever your reasons, you’re ready to move on. There’s just one problem: their early termination fees are no joke.

Enter Charter Communications

Charter Communications is a telecommunications company on the rise, having recently acquired Time Warner Cable at the start of the year, and they are looking to attract new customers left and right. Under the name Spectrum, their cable and internet service branding, Charter has offered to buy out any existing contracts if customers agree to their Triple Play Package. In select areas, the Double Play Package is also on the table. Whether you’re cancelling Comcast, cancelling Dish Network, or parting ways with another provider, the Charter buyout has you covered for up to $500 in early termination fees.

How the Charter Buyout Works

Participation is easy. Let’s say you’re looking to cancel Dish Network, a company famous for their hefty and unforgiving cancellation fees. Simply fill out the Charter Contract Buyout Form (aka the Spectrum Contract Buyout Form) and send it along with a copy of your final cable bill from your previous provider. The early termination fee should be clearly outlined in this bill. Charter will then cut you a check for the amount of the fee and mail it to your service address.

Note that you will not receive any payment without formal confirmation of the amount of the fee. If you can’t find the paper bill, see if you can locate it on your online customer account with that company or call them to receive another copy.

Read the Fine Print

Of course, there are some additional rules you must follow before you can get that cash. The form and bill must be received by Charter either within 60 days of your Charter services installation or no longer than 2 weeks after you received the bill from your previous provider. What’s more, the check you receive does have an expiration date. Deposit or cash it within 6 months (180 days to be exact) of receipt or it will become void. Basically, if you want those Comcast cancellation fees covered, you need to be on the ball.

Time Warner Need Not Apply

Ever since the Charter merger with Time Warner Cable, Charter has been slowly rolling out their Spectrum services to Time Warner Cable customers across the nation. Time Warner Customers have been told that their existing contracts remain in effect and they will be given the option to choose from Charter internet and cable offerings once those contracts expire. With no company to pay for early termination fees, it seems that Charter’s buyout deal is not currently on the table for Time Warner Cable customers. If that’s you, then you’ll just have to wait a little longer before you can choose from Charter Spectrum’s packages or, you can skip the wait and reach out to us so we can lower your bills now.