So you’ve heard you can lower your phone bills by calling the Customer Retention Department. Well, it works! But, what exactly is the customer retention department- and who works there?


AT&T Customer Retention:

AT&T Retention Department is responsible for keeping customers who want to request to disconnect or downgrade services. Their sole purpose is to sustain unhappy customers. There are 2 ways customers end up speaking with a customer retention agent.


The most common path to the Retention Department is when a disgruntled customer calls the customer service department. When the customer starts to show their frustration, irritation, and anger with the customer service representative they are then transferred.


Retention Agents are responsible for salvaging the relationship. Make no mistake- this is a sales position. Not only are they salespeople- they are highly skilled.  Their mission is to keep these disgruntled callers as customers at the same rate, or even increase their monthly spend.

Shrinkabill acquired a job description for the AT&T Retention Department:

  • Responsible for improving customer retention through programs and service provided to the customer
  • Make recommendations according to customer's needs on features, accessories, upgrades and rate plans
  • Strong verbal skills and phone skills for the purpose of gathering data for problem-solving and for communicating results to customers.


Click here to watch an AT&T manager talk about sales goals and competitions.

Remind you of a scene out of Boiler Room or Wolf of Wallstreet?

Be prepared to converse with the top of the team.  They have tricks up their sleeves that you’ve never seen. By fielding your way through Customer Service to the Retention Department you may be able to obtain your desired outcome, if you can go toe to toe with these trained operatives.  

The other way to get to the retention department is to call them directly, or quickly ask to be transferred to the retention department. You just heard about the angry customers Retention Agents have to deal with. One way they’re able to calm people down is with freebies. If you call a retention agent directly and deal with them in a pleasant manner- your call is going to be a breath of fresh air. You can be the reason that your retention agent smiles today.   When they lower your bill, it will make your day happier too.


AT&T Customer Retention Department

Comcast Retention Department:

Take a look at a Comcast Customer Retention Agent job description… Sound familiar?

  • Saves and retains Comcast customers by identifying reasons for request to disconnect and overcoming concerns in an effort to retain customers.
  • Determines and implements basic strategies/techniques to effectively counter competitive offers and educate customers on product comparisons.
  • Establishes customer needs through enhanced probing techniques, then promotes and recommends Comcast products and services.
  • Promotes, recommends, and sells the value of Comcast products and services based on a logical relationship
  • Continues to improve sales ability through ongoing training, role-playing, and coaching.
  • Requires 5-7 years related experience

As you can see Comcast is hiring highly skilled sales people for this role. All retention departments teach their agents how to debate with consumers. After training they spend 40 hours a week exercising their ability to keep your rate as high as possible. Retention Agents know exactly how to end the conversation while keeping your monthly payment the same. In fact, their paycheck depends on it. Their bosses judge job performance on keeping your rates inflated and your bills high, so retention agents are highly motivated to distract you from getting discounts.

They can also be quite rude - read our post on comcast customer service insulting real customers.  


Verizon Retention Department:

Check out what this Verizon CSR had to say in a reddit I AM A post. Remember it is a real person on the other end of the line. Verizon Representatives are held to high standards for call turnover and talk time.

“We had to try and keep the average length of each call under five minutes. This meant that we often had to ask people to call back when they find information on their problem (i.e. a copy of their bill, even though I have one in front of me) instead of waiting on the line with them for three minutes as they dig out a piece of paper. This often leads to them waiting an extra 15 minutes in wait time.”

When asked about cancelling the Verizon Representative replied :

'If you threaten to leave, their attitude might change. We get marks against us for cancelling people's lines. If we go about a 1% cancellation rate at the end of the month we got fired, so we try and keep customers happy.”

Maneuvering through the carrier labyrinth takes effort. You have an option to task this to the experts! Shrinkabill is practiced and proven. Our Savings Officers are determined to lower your bills.  With their confidence and know-how, your savings are guaranteed.