Comcast Customer Service Curses Customers

Comcast has aggravated another customer with inappropriate profanity on the account. The most recent case comes from Robert Corcoran, a homeowner and Comcast subscriber in West Chester, Pennsylvania. His set-top box’s were named in Comcast’s system “living room”, and “media room” but his bedroom’s set-top box was named “F-Palace”. The profanity laden name was discovered by his 12 year old son. More information can be found here:


Comcast Customer Support Changes Customer Names

This isn’t the first time Comcast has been in hot water for using profanity in customer communications. In February of 2015 Comcast sent bills to multiple customers with inappropriate names.  Such as “A-hole Brown", "Wh-re Julie Swano," referencing customer Julie Swano. They also sent an invoice to their customer Mary Bauer’s addressed as "Super B- Bauer." Christopher Elliott reports more here:

Calling Customers Names For Over  A Decade

Amazingly these are not isolated incidents. Comcast has insulted customers with horrendous account name changes since 2005. Comcast customer LaChania Govan had her name changed to “B-tch Dog”. This change came after Govan tried to negotiate her bill, like any customer has the right to do. She was transferred to many customer service representatives while they attempted to place her with a Spanish speaking retention agent.  The original story can is view able at the link below:

Comcast has a reputation for being the worst company in America. Most know them for their unfair pricing schemes and terrible customer service. The company also has a long history of aggressively insulting their customers. Who wants to deal with a company like that? If you don’t- we can lower your bill for you.