Improve Your church budget by $600/ Month!

As you know, church budgets are typically set and run by a team of people. Although the team structure has many benefits, one drawback is that no one on the team feels fully responsible over the finances. As such, most necessary church bills remain unquestioned, which results in paying higher prices. As your church continues to faithfully pay its monthly bills on time, your service provider is busy hiking up prices and wasting hundreds of dollars a year out of your church's budget! However, there's an easy solution to this problem. Shrinkabill is an expert bill negotiation service that will review your church bills and call up each existing service provider to negotiate better rates. With Shrinkabill, you will keep your existing service providers, and free up valuable budget dollars that can be used on more important things- like ministry!


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Perpetual Church Savings

Shrinkabill will track when savings expire and at that time renegotiate with your service provider to ensure that your church is getting the most out of its money. 

This consistency means we'll keep saving the church money regardless of who remains on your church finance team.


100% Risk Free

Shrinkabill has a performance based fee. Only pay for successful savings.  If there are not savings, there is no cost.

Shrinkabill has a straight forward fee structure.  Only Share 45% of the earned savings, so the church always end up on top.


Expert Church Bill Negotiation

Shrinkabill's negotiation experience and service provider knowledge guarantee that your church will get the best price with your service provider.  

Financial decisions don't get easier than this!  Now you have a way to save money without cutting programs or contributing to church volunteer burnout.

Note: We can also save pastors and individuals money too!