You already sleep well at night because of your home security system, but you'll sleep even better knowing you're paying less for that same security system. Home security providers, like ADT, overcharge customers by up to 37%! Why do they do it? Because most people don’t know that their home security bill is negotiable. Staying safe doesn’t have to mean paying an arm and a leg.
Have us negotiate your home security bill today.

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We Negotiate Your home security Bill For You

Every home security provider including ADT, Slomans Shield, Frontpoint, Link Interactive, SimpliSafe, Scout, and Vivint overcharge customers just like you. Their services are priced on a sliding scale. Some customers get lower rates than others for the exact same service. Some customers pay up to 37% more for the same service as their neighbor. Which price do you pay?


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We are EXPERTS. We know every plan by every provider. This gives us strong negotiating power. 

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You'll be RELIEVED to know you're getting the lowest price possible.

Signup is EASY and you never have to get on the phone with your service provider.

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There is NO negotiation cost. You only pay when you save.

All you have to do is send us your bills and we'll take care of the rest.

Home security companies are notorious for overcharging their customers. It's a service that most people sign up for and never think about again. Every month the bill comes and every month it's paid. Companies know it's not something many customers think about. Shrinkabill won't stand for that. Our bill negotiators will stop at nothing to get you the very lowest price. We won't change your service, just your price. If we don't lower your home security bill, we'll send you a $25 gift card to your favorite restaurant. You're guaranteed to walk away with something.

We can lower home security bills from all providers including

Lower your ADT bill


Lower your Frontpoint bill


Lower your Link Interactive bill


Lower your Protect America bill


Lower your Vivint bill


Lower your CenturyLink bill


Lower your Time SimpliSafe bill