Shrinkabill- We are the expert Negotiators

Shrinkabill is a dedicated team of professional consumer advocates armed with insider secrets and a passion for fighting back against companies who charge too much for their services. We're your service providers' worst nightmare - working hard at shrinking their prices and growing your savings. Team up with us and you'll save so much money that you'll become a Bazillionaire!*

*Actual results vary based off of the quantity and the type of bills submitted. Most customers do not submit enough bills to achieve bazillionaire status.


How Shrinkbill all got started...

Promptly upon graduating college, I got married and my wife and I moved over 600 miles away from our families to start my new job. Despite having a shiny new college degree, we had close to nothing in our name. We shared an old car, and the first night in town we went to the local Wal-Mart to purchase an air mattress and a folding table as our first pieces of furniture. We had to learn how to make every dollar stretch. This is when I started negotiating my own bills. However, as I grew in my career and as life moved on, I found it difficult to find the time to follow-up when discounts expired. There was actually one period when I intended to negotiate a set of bills, but I couldn’t find the time to do it for a period of at least 6 months! At this point I thought of how nice it would be to delegate this annoying task to someone. That is when a light bulb went off, and Shrinkabill was born shortly after.

Fast forward to today and we’ve grown in size from one person to a small tight knit team of experts who have learned little tricks along the way to getting the largest savings for our customers. Constantly adapting and improving to billing schemes and cycles.

If we’re away from the office you’re likely to find us at the local park or hiking trail with our dogs.


Jordan Wolff, CTFA, MBA 


Shrinkabill was built around two unwavering objectives: (1) always do what's best for the customer, and (2) treat every employee like family. We value the importance of each customer and every employee because together they are the foundation of our company. That is why before Shrinkabill takes any actions, we first consider both the customer's and the employees' interests.

 The beautiful Stacie Wolff (left), Jordan Wolff (Right)